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palmprint recognition matlab code, URGENT

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hi all

i'm new to this group, i have a project of palmprint recognition system, and

i read so much about it and i understood it, but i faces some problems in s

tarting the programing, i need help in the preprocessing stage to determine

the area of interest within the palm image.

the attached image helps in understanding the technique, the technique is as


Step 1. Apply a lowpass filter, such as Gaussian smoothing, to the original

image, A threshold, Tp, is used to convert the convolved image to a binary i


Step 2. Obtain the boundaries of the gaps, (Fx; Fy), between the fingers usi

ng a boundary tracking algorithm (see Fig. c).

Step 3. Compute the tangent of the two gaps. Let (x1; y1) and (x2; y2) be an

y points on (F1x; F1y) and (F2x; F2y), respectively. If the line passing tho

ugh these

two points satisfies the inequality, (Fiyj >= mFixj +c) for all i and j (see

Fig. d), then the line (y = mx + c) is considered to be the tangent of the

two gaps.

Step 4. Line up (x1; y1) and (x2; y2) to get the Y-axis of the palmprint coo

rdinate system, and use a line passing through the midpoint of these two poi

nts, which is

perpendicular to the Y-axis, to determine the origin of the coordinate syste


Step 5. Extract a subimage of a fixed size.

i need only step2 and step3 and i will be gracefull.

thanks all

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