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is it possible to find out what toolboxes are used by the particular function or prog

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I am interested to know whether there is some function or

program, to let us know what toolboxes are being used in

executing a particular function. This would be really a

good tool for the people who post their files in the User

Contributed area and they do now know what toolboxes are

being used by their program. I myself posted a few

programs and then later on by user comments had to re-

modify my postings as I had failed to mention the toolbox

that are being used. The only method is to go along the

entire code and see if I have used any functions from any

particular toolbox. Simple problems like using imshow

instead of image or imagesc which requires Image

Processing toolbox may accidently skip from the user who

contributed his file in the File Central.

Comments welcome.



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