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Cory dalis yanhusuo extract 80% 90%Tetrahydropalmatine HPLC

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Cory dalis yanhusuo extract 80% 90%Tetrahydropalmatine HPLC

Corydalis yanhusuo 80% 90% THP extract dl-tetrahydropalmatine

English Name: Corydalis Yanhusuo

CAS NO: 2934-97-6

Latin Name: Corydalis yanhusuo W.T. Wang

Part Used: Root

Active Ingredient:


ine、 l-te trahydrocoptisine、

dl-tetrahydrocoptisine、 l- tetrahydro- columbamine

Synonyms: Corydalis


Molecular Formula: C21H25NO4;

Molecular Weight: 355.42

Melting Point: 148-149C

Pharmacology: Ease pain,Phenobarbital, Partial

anesthetic, Prevent early high blood pression


1) It has effect of promoting blood circulation to remove blood

stasis and promoting circulation of qi to relieve pain,

2) It is often used for hypochondriac pain due to stagnation of

the liver-qi, stomachache due to stagnation of the stomach-qi,

hernial pain.

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